MTV Officially Orders First Season Of SHANNARA TV Series!


us-elfstonesDear Readers,

I am very excited and proud to tell you that the dream to turn the Shannara books into an epic television series has just become a reality. MTV has officially ordered the first season of SHANNARA, which will be 10-episodes, and based on The Elfstones of Shannara.

Miles Millar and Al Gough are writing the series, and have done an amazing job with the scripts they’ve written at this point. I really couldn’t be happier with how it’s all coming together, and I am very much involved in the process.

Jonathan Liebesman will now direct the first 2 episodes.

I am Executve Producing along with Al Gough, Miles Millar, Jon Favreau, Jonathan Liebesman, and Dan Farah, who I began this long journey with several years ago. Sonar Entertainment is our studio partner. It’s a terrific team and I greatly appreciate and respect each and every person on it.

As previously announced, Jon Favreau was going to direct, however, due to scheduling conflicts he is unavailable to do so, but remains very passionate about the project and will stay on board as an Exec Producer.

I’ve been dreaming about seeing these books adapted properly for thirty-five years, and now its really happening. So let’s all celebrate dreams coming true. I will continue to keep you all posted as things progress.

All good wishes,


  • Wayne

    I am just hoping that this will not be an absolute failure like Legends of the Seeker. I am very worried about MTV, so I am very fearful of a, “Jersey Shore–Teen Pregancy” mash up ending up with Allanon being a poorly dressed larper living in a house with other really bad larpers, (all stylish, muscular and tan with tattoos), nursing hangovers from their trips to party with the Shade of Bremen. The Elfstones will really only be dice to be thrown in the corner to place bets whilst the other cast makes the worst decisions ever… letting MTV buy one of the most influential fantasy series ever. Why not hold out for HBO, who seems to have a knack for getting things right? Well, fingers are crossed, but prepared for a crushing blow to my hopes.

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