Shawn Speakman Speaks! His Reddit AMA


shawn-speakmanOur very own Shawn Speakman joined the ranks of so many other fantasy authors before him and held an “Ask Me Anything” open forum at the popular social news site Speakman was there to discuss his writing career and announce his newest project Neverland’s Shadow.

Neverland’s Shadow, an anthology of stories told from the perspective of villains, will feature tales from Terry Brooks, Kat Richardson, Jim Butcher, and Tanith Lee. In addition to publishing the book through his own Grim Oak Press, Shawn will also be contributing a story of his own.

Shawn discussed all kinds of interesting stuff in his AMA, including the Terry Brooks’ influence on his career:

Terry has been immeasurably important. Growing up with his work, his voice bleeds into my own books. That’s to be expected. The single-most way that he has helped me though is editing The Dark Thorn. He took my book, ripped it to shreds, and left it bleeding at my feet. I had to rewrite the entire thing from an entirely different POV because, as Terry said, that POV was far more interesting than my main character. It forced me to look at my work objectively. Now I do the same thing to his work as payback. Ha!

He also discussed his favorite fantasy films:

Boy, that’s a tough one!

Going back a ways, I love Excalibur. I’m a big Morte d’Arthur and that movie did about as good a job as it could in bringing that myth to life. Then bring in Patrick Stewart, Liam Neeson, Nicol Williamson, and Helen Mirren? Wow. An all-star cast.

Princess Bride is up there, for sure. For it’s humor. And quotable moments that are useful in any bar. Ha!

This one might surprise you. Field of Dreams I love baseball but it’s purely magical and relevant at any time. The relationships between fathers and sons are powerful things. It’s a movie that gives me a huge lump in my throat every time at the end.

There’s plenty more to read, so head over to Reddit!