SubPress HALF A KING: Everyone Loves Joe Abercrombie


subpress-halfakingHalf a King by Joe Abercrombie is in UK stores now and US stores in 11 days!

And worldwide via Subterranean Press in a few months! And their book is going to be a gorgeous, super-limited edition!

I was fortunate to read Half a King earlier this year. I loved it. It is exactly as billed. A Joe Abercrombie book for all ages. Yet it is far more than that. It is a book about family. And love. And betrayal. And the crappiness of life. And how terrible odds don’t matter—if one has the strength of will to see one’s convictions through to the end.

I had no idea that Subterranean Press was going to publish a limited edition of Half a King. So when I woke this morning and saw this, I knew I had to post about it. I absolutely love the cover. And the fact that William Schafer intends to publish this has a slightly oversize book, publish the next two books as oversize books, and then offer a slipcase for all three—well, I had to have them. I love books. I love signed books. And I love books produced by people who believe the book should be an art form. That’s Subterranean Press.

Then there is that cover! When asked how he paints gorgeous paintings, Todd Lockwood has said repeatedly, “The artist must know the star of the painting.” We see that here in this cover! Artist Jon McCoy has painted a vivid representation of that star, Prince Yarvi, a usurped king who has vowed to regain a throne he never wanted. McCoy spends his artistic time with mostly with Yarvi. The face—young but carrying darkness. The armor—royal and far too rich to be of real use. The wind-swept hair—there is a storm engulfing the boy just like the storm that is going to try and take his life. The malformed left hand barely able to carry a shield.

Yarvi is the focal point. The warriors at this back are painted fuzzily, denoting the shadowy aspect of who the menace actually is in the book.

But the cover isn’t the only great thing about this book. And I wasn’t the only person to read it early. Here are two quotes from two great sources and their thoughts:

From Publishers Weekly (Starred Review):

“In this superb fantasy trilogy kickoff, Abercrombie (the First Law trilogy) regales readers with the tale of a young man who is thrust onto the throne by unexpected betrayal…Abercrombie’s stellar prose style and clever plot twists will be sure to please both adult and teen readers.”

From Patrick Rothfuss:

“I’ve been a fan of Abercrombie’s stuff for years. His worldbuilding is great, his characterization is marvelous, he writes an amazing action scene… That said, sometimes his books leave me feeling a little bleak… This book didn’t hit me that way. I got all the grit that I love in Abercrombie, and the craft, and the character. And the book was grim… but it never got so far as being bleak. Simply said, I think this is my favorite Abercrombie book yet. And that’s really saying something.”

Half a King by Joe Abercrombie publishes in the US on July 15th by Del Rey Books. As I said earlier, the UK edition is out this week. I already own both. Now I have to possess this Sub Press edition of the book. The 52-copy leatherbound edition is sold out already. But there may be a few of the 400-copy Limited editions left!

Visit the Sub Press website HERE for more details about their super-limited edition.

Prince Yarvi will rise. Nothing will stop him!