Interview: Robin Hobb Is Not On A FOOL’S QUEST


“Fantasy as it ought to be written.”

Those the are the words of George R. R. Martin when talking about the novels of Robin Hobb. George is right too. Robin has long been one of my favorite writers and I rank her main character FitzChivalry up against the best characters in the history of the genre.

Once, we had no idea if Robin would return to Fitz’s story. A decade had gone by between books. But then last year she published Fool’s Assassin and the fans have been giddy with excitement every since.

Well, now its sequel, Fool’s Quest, is published!

I decided to ask Robin a few short question that I’ve been curious about.

Hope you enjoy!


Shawn Speakman: FOOL’S QUEST is in fine bookstores today! It is the continuation of Fitz’s story that began in last year’s FOOL’S ASSASSIN. First, why have you returned to Fitz’s story after taking such a long break from it?

photo-robinhobbRobin Hobb: I write the stories in Realm of the Elderlings in chronological order. So, while we weren’t watching Fitz during those quiet years of his life (that would have made a rather pastoral essay rather than a novel!) I was quite busy with the goings on in the Rain Wilds. So the four volumes of The Rain Wild Chronicles fill in quite a few of those years, and set up the world situation for the reader as we come back to Fitz’s tale.

Shawn Speakman: FOOL’S QUEST is the middle book of a trilogy. How did you overcome the dangers of “middle book syndrome?” Any challenges writing this new book?

Robin Hobb: Mostly I don’t think about middle book syndrome. I try to make each book have a valid beginning, middle and end. I admit I was guilty of a cliff hanger in Fool’s Assassin. But I think I’ve got a valid story arc for Fool’s Quest, and that it will deliver some things that readers who have been with me from the beginning have long wondered about.

Shawn Speakman: During your recent Reddit Ask Me Anything, you said “Fitz has gotten older now. He’s still Fitz. I still love writing him.” What is it about Fitz that makes you sit down at your computer and write him?

Robin Hobb: Fitz is like any old friend. I don’t really see his flaws and annoyances any more. He’s just Fitz and I enjoy spending time with him and seeing the world from his ‘older and wiser but still Fitz’ point of view. He thinks about things, and he sees things as they should be, and as they are, and what he ought to do, and what will resolve the situation the most quickly. Then he acts, and I watch the pieces fly!

Shawn Speakman: How is the final book of this trilogy coming along? Got a title you can share? Will it be the last Fitz book ever? Or is that blasphemy to even think about?

Robin Hobb: The final book of the trilogy is Assassin’s Fate. I’ve been so often wrong about whether or not I would write more about Fitz that I no longer answer that question. I’m tired of being wrong!

There you have it! From the wonderful fingers of Robin Hobb herself! Fool’s Quest is in fine bookstores now! If you are a Fitz fan—and why the hell wouldn’t you be?—go out and grab a copy! If you have not read Fitz’s tale, start with Assassin’s Apprentice. You won’t be disappointed!

Robin is also doing a few signings. Click HERE to see those appearances. And I have a few extra signed copies of Fool’s Quest at The Signed Page.

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