Star Wars HoloNet Digest #107: Sept. 9-16


After Force Friday, hype is still high for The Force Awakens. We learned this week that some moviegoers won’t have to wait quite as long as others for the opening of the Sequel Trilogy: it will open in the United Kingdom on Dec. 17, one day before it hits theaters in the United States. The date was announced on official Star Wars social media on Sept. 7, marking 100 days until Star Wars blasts back onto the movie screen.

The very first nation to gain access to the film will actually be the United Arab Emirates, where The Force Awakens comes out on Dec. 15, followed by France, Italy, and other European countries on Dec. 16.

Another thing that will be available on Dec. 18 is the book The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, written by Phil Szostak. It features hundreds of works of art used in the film from concept to postproduction, including a cover by Doug Chiang. Other “blue sky” pieces show concepts that were never used, giving a look into what could have been.

The recently announced Star Wars lands at both Disney parks in the United States will begin construction next year, Disney COO Tom Staggs said as quoted by The Hollywood Reporter. Disney has not yet announced a prospective date for when the lands might open. He reiterated the previous announcements that guests at the Star Wars lands would be able to experience flying the Millennium Falcon and visiting a strange cantina.

People looking for an adventure to tide themselves over until the Sequel Trilogy begins can now play Star Wars Uprising, a free-to-play mobile game. With a story set just after the fall of the Empire, in a system sequestered by Imperial law, it gives players a look at the new state of a familiar galaxy.

Megan Crouse is a journalist from the New York City area. She covers Star Wars for Den of Geek, is a panelist on the ForceCast, has written for FangirlBlog and writes This Blog is Full of Words.