Take Five With Arwen Elys Dayton, Author, Disruptor


Picture: Arwen Elys Dayton ©

Arwyn Elys Dayton is the contributor for this week’s Take Five, a regular series in which authors and editors share five facts about their latest books. Dayton is the author of Disruptor, the final book in the Seeker series. The trilogy is available now from your favorite book retailer.

About Disruptor:

Quin has spent her life as her father’s pawn. She was trained to kill and manipulated to guarantee her family’s power. And now that she’s broken free of that life, she’s found herself trapped again, hostage to a plot that has been centuries in the making.

It’s taken generations for the pieces to come together, and finally all is in place. Her best friend Shinobu’s mind has been corrupted, the Young Dread has aligned with her enemy John, and the bloodthirsty Watchers are being awakened and gathered. Now there is nothing that can stop the force of time.

But Quin will no longer be a pawn. Quin is a Seeker. She stands for light in a shadowy world. She will face the vengeance of the past and its enemies and save herself and the ones she loves, or she will die trying.

1. All three books in the series, Seeker, Traveler, and Disruptor have double meanings in the context of the story.


2. The title Disruptor is also the name of one of the weapons used by Seekers. This weapon is a metallic, cannon-like gun that is worn strapped across the user’s chest. It fires a swarm of electrical sparks which surround the head of a victim, feed off his own energy, and twist his thoughts out of control. I saw what looked like a disruptor victim in a video when I was writing the first book, and thought, yes, that’s what it does exactly! Here’s a GIF from that video. (All three of the kids look like they’ve been hit by a disruptor, but especially the girl on the right.)


3. I get obsessed with odd things like basalt columns (essentially hexagonal columns of rock that form when lava cools under certain conditions). My parents live in a part of Oregon with lots and lots of volcanic rock, and I spent an entire trip driving them crazy by asking to stop the car so I could look at different kinds of basalt. It was all worth it, though, because basalt columns make several appearances in Disruptor (in the scenes set in Iceland).

Arwen Photo Cave

4. I came up with some really horrible cover ideas for the first book. My editor was like, “Um, no. Those sound terrible. Here’s what we’re going to do.” And thank God I listened to her. Random House did an amazing job on all three covers. If it had been up to me, we’d be looking at three books with, I’m not kidding you, an ugly bridge on the cover.


5. When I’m writing a scene with many characters and particularly complicated action, I often use plastic dinosaurs to act it out and help me figure out how the “choreography” is going to work. Dinosaurs make everything so much more real.

Arwen dinosaurs