5 Amazing Authors Discuss The Evolution Of Modern Fantasy


Emerald City Comicon was held in Seattle, WA on March 2-5, 2017.

The 2017 Emerald City Comicon ended Sunday.

That does not mean its coverage ends there though. Far from it. I went all four days in various capacities, sometimes for my own work and at other times for Unbound Worlds. And it was a fantastic time. ECCC had amazing author talent attend the convention this year and, thankfully, I was around those people a lot and shot some great video.

The first panel I attended was The Evoluation of Modern Fantasy. Who was on stage to talk about this? Terry Brooks, Todd Lockwood, Django Wexler, Robin Hobb, and Kevin Hearne. I moderated the discussion. All came at this topic from very different points of view. Brooks has been working in the fantasy genre the longest. Lockwood, the shortest, but also as a cover artist. Wexler writes military campaign fantasy but Hobb brings the woman’s angle to high fantasy. And Hearne was the urban fantasist on the panel who has recently completed his first epic fantasy. The diversity of work between them created an interesting discussion.

Want to learn how these panelists believe fantasy has evolved over the years, especially since the time of Tolkien’s publication? Or how grimdark has changed things? Or what new fairy tale books are countering it?

Watch the video below! 67 minutes of fantasy goodness from some of the best writers working today!

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I highly recommend all of these writers and they all have new books worthy of your time.

Read them and see the evolution of fantasy firsthand.