The Iron Gold Best of Pierce Brown’s Reddit AMA


Cover detail from Iron Gold by Pierce Brown.

Iron Gold by Pierce Brown publishes January 2018.

Sadly, that date seems so far away. But I know it will be worth it. The novel is the continuation of the story from Red Rising, Golden Son, and Morning Star, three of the most celebrated science fiction novels of the last decade. If you haven’t read Red Rising yet, do yourself the favor. It is masterfully written with one of the best and most complex protagonists I’ve read.

Iron Gold is set ten years after the end of Morning Star, where the universe is still reeling. But not all is as it seems. And many of the characters we’ve fallen in love with find out that revolution is the easy part.

Brown took part in a Reddit AMA on r/Fantasy late last week. He answered hundreds of questions for two days. I thought it a great resource to compile all of the questions about Iron Gold as well as the forthcoming Red Rising: Sons of Ares comic book series that begins publishing in May.

Questions and questions in one place!

Reddit: I really enjoyed Lysander’s voice in the excerpt you released. Are all 4 points of view in Iron Gold going to be first person? How was it writing with a voice other than Darrow’s?

Pierce Brown: Thank you. Yes, all four character will have stories told in their POV. It was a lot like that time where I wore my sisters clothing and put on her makeup, last week.

R: Do you know if Tim Gerard Reynolds is going to do the audiobook for the Iron Gold series?

PB: I shall fight tooth and nail to make such a thing happen.

R: Any plans for a signing tour with Iron Gold?

PB: Doing a GRAND old tour. Will have dates a bit later on in the year.

R: Could we potentially see more viewpoints added to the books following Iron Gold? Seeing the perspective of, say Mustang, would be awesome.

PB: All doors are open.

R: There is a really rich history implied in the universe of Red Rising. My understanding is that the comic book series Sons of Ares will address at least some of this. Do you feel that you have more to tell about the events prior to Red Rising or will Sons of Ares take care of this?

PB: I love the options available. So many stories to tell. Time will decide if some of them get told. Readership will decide if others get told. But personally, I want to live in the RR world for a long time. I see myself coming back after doing other projects and dipping back into the well.

The Conquering. The Rise of Augustus. The Burning of Rhea. The Dark Revolt…

R: Hello there Pierce Brown, how excited are you for the comics??

PB: Gorydamn pumped!

R: Was Iron Gold always the title you imagined for Book/Episode 4 or were there any runners up that didn’t make the cut? (Sevro’s Eleven? 10 Things I Hate About Sack Fungus?)

PB: Pink Rising. 50 Shades and Red Rising Maship.

R: Are we gonna see Harmony in the next book? She kinda disappeared in the Morning Star.

PB: Harmony is around…

R: Obviously you don’t want to give to much away about Iron Gold but after the unveiling Lyria it made me wonder: Will all 4 POV characters be protagonists or will we get to see stuff from the “bad guys” side?

PB: Depends on your notion of who the bad guys are. You’ll certainly see a wide variety.

R: Are you going to SDCC again this year to promote the Sons of Ares and Iron Gold? Would love to see you again!

PB: I am indeed!

R: What is Iron Gold about? Just finished Morning Star and had no idea you were writing more!

PB: It’s about what happens when you break an empire. Set ten years after the Rising comes to Luna.

R: Do you know at this point how many issues you plan for the Sons of Ares comic to run?

PB: Six issues for the first run. Then who knows after that.

R: How would you say writing Iron Gold was different from writing Red Rising?

PB: MASSIVE undertaking. So much worldbuilding. So much culture creation. Red Rising was a driven arrow. This is a leviathan leaving berth.

R: Would we learn more about The Conquering in the Iron Gold trilogy? It seems like a story of a grand, epic scale worth hearing about! It would be awesome to learn a bit more about famous Iron Gold generals and battles from that period.

PB: You’ll see bits and pieces, especially stuff about Silenius au Lune, the conqueror himself. And his best friend, turned mortal enemy, Akari au Raa.

There you have it! The best fan questions and best author answers about Iron Gold by Pierce Brown as well as his forthcoming comic book series, Sons of Ares!

Let the Red rise!