Your Odds of Successfully Navigating Last Jedi Spoilers: 3,720 to 1


“The Last Jedi”/Disney ©

Vanity Fair‘s Star Wars feature is now online, and if you’re hoping to avoid any spoilers about the movie — no matter how mild — then you’re going to want to be very careful about where you browse between now and December 15. Believe me, they’re out there.

The Vanity Fair piece doesn’t give away terribly much, but there are some scoops on the locations we’ll be seeing in the new movie, along with hints about how relationships between some of the major characters are revolving. There’s are also a lot of gorgeous photos by award-winning photographer Annie Leibovitz, which I predict will probably be everywhere online by the time you read this. Honestly, it’s a great piece of journalism, but you’ll have to decide whether reading it is worth not going into the movie blind.

I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers, myself, but succumbed to temptation. Just click here if you, like me, can’t resist reading the article.