Science-Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 5/16/17



Eagle and Empire: The Clash of Eagles Trilogy Book III
by Alan Smale

The Empire’s Ghost: A Novel
by Isabelle Steiger

Full Wolf Moon: A Novel
by Lincoln Child

by Jack Campbell


Barren Cove: A Novel
by Ariel S. Winter

Behind the Mask: An Anthology of Heroic Proportions
by Kelly Link and Cat Rambo

The City of Mirrors: A Novel
by Justin Cronin

The End of Magic
by Amber Benson

Gravity Changes
by Zach Powers

Greedy Pigs: A Sin du Jour Affair
by Matt Wallace

A Guide for the Perplexed: A Novel
by Jonathan Levi

Nebula Awards Showcase 2017
by Julie E. Czerneda

The Raft: A Novel
by Fred Strydom

Septimania: A Novel
by Jonathan Levi

Warlock Holmes: The Hell-Hound of the Baskervilles: Warlock Holmes 2
by G.S. Denning


Adventure Time Mathematical Ed Vol. 08

Alien Covenant Collectors Ed

Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus Vol. 03 McKone Cover

Aspen Universe Revelations

Back To The Future Vol. 03 Who Is Marty McFly

Deadpool Bad Blood

Eternal Soulfire Vol. 01

Flash Vol. 02 Speed Of Darkness (rebirth)

Free Country A Tale Of The Childrens Crusade

Green Arrow Vol. 08 The Hunt For The Red Dragon

Invincible Vol. 11 Ultimate Collection

Iron Man Director Of Shield Complete Collection

March Of The Crabs Vol. 02

Marvel Universe Guardians Of Galaxy Digest Vol. 05

Maxx Maxxed Out Vol. 03


No Mercy Vol. 03

Spider-Man Spider-Gwen Sitting In Tree

Spider-Man vs. Vulture

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

Strawberry Shortcake Vol. 03

Suicide Squad Vol. 06 The Phoenix Gambit

Supergirl Vol. 01 Reign Of the Cyborg Supermen (rebirth)

Superman Wonder Woman Vol. 05 Savage End

Tank Girl Gold

Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes

Torchwood Classics Vol. 01

Wonder Woman by George Perez Omnibus Vol. 02


“Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”

“The Space Between Us”


Injustice 2

The Surge


“Alien: Covenant”