5 Urban Fantasy Series That Take a Bite Out of the Big Apple


Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

New York Comic Con is this week, and to celebrate, we’ve assembled a list of five urban fantasy series set in this world-class city. This can’t be all of them, though: Share some of your favorites in the comments section!

  • The cover of the book Already Dead

    Already Dead

    A Novel

    Meet Joe Pitt: Freelance leg-breaker, enforcer for hire, and Vampyre. A former punker and street kid, Joe isn’t any more of a joiner now than when he had a pulse. That doesn’t exactly endear him to New York City’s great Vampyre clans, but he’s too useful — and too tough — to kill outright. When there’s trouble going down, Joe gets the call. This time, there’s a shambling brain-muncher on the loose — some poor vampyre who got himself infected with an exotic strain of flesh-eating bacteria — and Joe has been hired to track down and stop the infection at its source. It wasn’t going to be a fun job to begin with, and things go from bad to worse when the Coalition — one of the city’ most powerful Clans — gets into the mix. If Joe isn’t careful, the house of cards that is New York’s Vampyre society might come tumbling down on top of him.

  • The cover of the book Half-Resurrection Blues

    Half-Resurrection Blues

    Carlos Delacruz died — that’s what they tell him, anyway– and was brought back to life. Mostly. Now he’s an inbetweener: a rare kind of person who exists in a shadowy realm between the living and the dead. This makes him extraordinarily valuable to the New York Council of the Dead: a supernatural agency that calls on Carlos whenever there’s trouble between the dearly departed and the still-breathing. Carlos thought he was the only inbetweener in the city until the sorcerer showed up with his pets: implike creatures capable of “killing” the dead. If Carlos can’t stop this malevolent magic user, then the balance between the living and the dead could be destroyed.


  • The cover of the book Nightlife


    Cal Leandros is half human and half …. something else. His father’s family is the stuff of nightmares, and they’re all after him. Cal and his brother Niko were lucky for awhile. The boys managed to stay a few steps ahead of their monstrous kin for several years, but now it looks like there’s going to be a family reunion — whether they want one or not. Still, what’s a few more monsters in a city full of trolls, vampires, and other things that go bump in the night?

  • The cover of the book Unholy Ghosts

    Unholy Ghosts

    The world we once knew is no more. The dead have risen from their graves to stalk the living. When the government fell, a new organization rose in its place: The Church of Real Truth. The Church reimburses those unfortunate enough to be the target of harassment by the dead. For Chess Putnam, tattooed witch and ghost hunter, that means there’s money to be made. Chess needs it, too: She owes a ton of money to a powerful drug lord who would prefer she pay him back in black magic and human sacrifice. As if that’s not bad enough, Chess is developing a rather complicated relationship with one of the man’s main enforcers…

  • The cover of the book Dead To Me

    Dead To Me

    Simon Canderous has the power to touch an object and know its history. He used to use his unique talent for crime, but now he’s working for New York City’s Department of Extraordinary Affairs: a secretive agency devoted to paranormal investigation. Red tape and office politics aren’t exactly Simon’s style, but things finally start getting interesting after he accidentally spills a cup of coffee on the ghost of a beautiful woman — a woman who doesn’t know she’s dead. Now Simon has agreed to find her killer, but he’ll have to deal with a coven of cultists, first.