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An Interview with Mark O’Connell, Author of The Close Encounters Man

We had the chance to chat with Mark O'Connell about J. Allen Hynek, the existence of UFOs, and the automatic...


Watch or Skip? Your Guide to the ‘Alien’ Film Franchise

Need to catch up on the Alien franchise before you go see Alien: Covenant? Here's a handy guide to which...


Winston Churchill: Warrior, Statesman, Alien Theorist?

Winston Churchill was a man for all seasons: a brilliant wartime leader, politician, historian, artist,...

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These WTF Images from ‘Alien: Covenant’ Will Horrify You

We've got some really scary photos to share from Ridley Scott's new film 'Alien: Covenant'

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SyFy Channel’s ‘Hunters’ Tackles the Alien in Our Midst

April 11 will mark the premiere of Hunters, a new original scripted series coming to the SyFy channel....

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Stay Frosty! Official ALIENS Reeboks Coming 4/26

Alien Day is coming, and so are these awesome new Reeboks. The shoe company announced today that they'd...