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Explore a Nazi Invasion of Britain in Bolt Action: Campaign: Sea Lion

A new supplement for Osprey’s classic wargame Bolt Action explores what war might have looked like...

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Alan Smale On Romans, Ancient Lost Cities And the ‘Clash of Eagles’

Alan Smale is the author of Clash of Eagles, the first volume of an alternative history trilogy set in...

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From ‘Magnet Mice’ to ‘Parisian Ribbons’ – Andrea Cremer on Deadly Steampunk Weaponry

Dear Readers, We are proud to present this exclusive, original essay from Andrea Cremer, author of The...


Guest Essay: Alan Smale, Author, ‘Clash of Eagles’ (Part Two of Two)

Dear Unbound Worlds readers, please enjoy part two of ‘Decline and Rise’ a guest essay by Clash...


War in the Age of Steam: Osprey’s ‘Steampunk Soldiers’

Since 1969, Osprey Publishing has been the world’s premiere publisher of military history books

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50 Page Fridays: Harry Turtledove

Harry Turtledove's Videssos Cycle is back in print for the first time in years! Don't miss this excerpt...