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It’s Not a Cold: 5 Apocalyptic Stories Featuring Killer Influenza

Influenza is a scary disease. It mutates regularly, spreads easily, and regularly kills tens of thousands...


5 Threats to Civilization We’re Just Not Thinking About

The popularity of shows like “The Walking Dead”, “The Strain”, and “The Last Man on Earth”...


10 Must-Knows for Rebuilding Civilization

We asked Dr. Lewis Dartnell, author of the book The Knowledge, to clue us in to some of the crucial knowledge...

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Your Ragnarok Forecast

If you haven't heard yet, Ragnarok is tomorrow! Yes, the mythical Norse apocalypse has finally come to...

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Interview with Annalee Newitz, Author, ‘Scatter, Adapt, and Remember’

Annalee Newitz is the author of Scatter, Adapt, and Remember. She recently took a few minutes from her...

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‘Scatter, Adapt, and Remember’: Annalee Newitz’s Surprisingly Optimistic Look at Catastrophe

I grew up plagued with fears about the end of the world. I was an eighties kid, and it seemed sometimes...