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Unbound Worlds

Paging Atticus O’Sullivan: New Zealand Plagued By Vampire Attacks

Where's a good druid when you need one? In Kevin Hearne's latest Iron Druid novel, Staked, Atticus O'Sullivan...

Unbound Worlds

Dear Readers: A Letter from Kevin Hearne

Kevin Hearne wrote a letter about exploring Atticus O'Sullivan's past. Check it out here!

Unbound Worlds

Bast Meets Atticus O’Sullivan in ‘Grimoire of the Lamb’

The Egyptian cat goddess Bast comes looking for trouble in Kevin Hearne's new Iron Druid Chronicles novella,...

Unbound Worlds

‘Tricked’ Author Kevin Hearne at San Diego Comic Con 2012

Tricked Author Kevin Hearne takes a minute away from the madness of San Diego Comic Con 2012 to talk...

Unbound Worlds

Ask Atticus: Haunted House Hassles

Atticus O'Sullivan is a 2,000 year-old Druid and the star of the Iron Druid Chronicles books, the latest...


50 Page Fridays: Kevin Hearne

The Iron Druid Chronicles are back and Atticus O'Sullivan is getting into just as much trouble