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J.K. Rowling’s Chair Sells for $394,000 at Auction

Would you spend over third of a million dollars for the chair in which J.K. Rowling wrote the first two...

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Help Patrick Rothfuss! And See THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES Early!

Patrick Rothfuss and his charity Worldbuilders is in full swing right now, with amazing geek auctions...

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Own a Piece of Movie History: Rick Baker Mega-Auction Going On Right Now

From now until November 19 London/Los Angeles-based movie memorabilia auction house Prop Shop is accepting...

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‘The Hobbit’ First Edition Sold at Auction for Almost $214K

Better hang on to those signed first-editions and keep them in good shape: A signed and inscribed first...

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Bid On a Signed Copy of Peter F. Hamilton’s ‘The Queen of Dreams’

My thanks to Matt for letting me take over here for a moment. This is to let you know I’m running...

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Chapter One: Bloodfire Quest by Terry Brooks

Bloodfire Quest by Terry Brooks is publishing March 12, 2013 from Del Rey Books! That means the book...