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Teaser Trailer: Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar

Teaser trailers are coming out of the Hollywood woodwork left and right for movies releasing in 2014! But...

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Can Man of Steel Live Up To My Expectations?

Man of Steel is almost upon us. Can it live up to your expectations? To my expectations? I discuss...

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Gifts For the Geek: Day 16: The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray

When The Dark Knight Rises hit movie theaters earlier this year, my ass was in a seat. Well, today,...

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Poll: Did You Rewatch Batman Begins & The Dark Knight?

The day has finally come! The Dark Knight Rises his theaters today! I'm a huge fan of Christopher...

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The Dark Knight Rises Villains Announced

In a move that leaves me a bit bewildered, director Christopher Nolan has cast his villains for his 2012...

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Who Will Be The Batman 3 Villain(s)?

The Dark Knight Rises, the third movie in the reinvigorated Batman franchise directed by Christopher...