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Cage Match 2018 Round 2: Stormfather vs Oberon

Brandon Sanderson's Stormfather takes on Kevin Hearne's Oberon in Round 2 of Unbound Worlds' Cage Match...


Cage Match 2018 Round 1: Stormfather vs Iorek Byrnison

Brandon Sanderson's Stormfather takes on Philip Pullman's Iorek Byrnison in Round 1 of Unbound Worlds'...


Brandon Sanderson Credits Writing Resolve to ‘Autotelic’ Genes

Autotelic people are usually more independently minded, and aren't driven by things like money and fame....


So You Want to Read Epic Fantasy: Here’s Where to Start

Epic fantasy can be a daunting place to start reading! Here is a list of books for the new epic fantasy...


The 5 Cosmere Books Brandon Sanderson Recommends To Start With

Brandon Sanderson guides new readers through his connected-universe Cosmere and where to start reading!


Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere To A Silver Screen Near You

Hollywood has just acquired the bulk of Brandon Sanderson's writing in a major film deal sure to delight...