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5 Amazing Prequels To Great Fantasy Series

Many fantasy series need prequels to round out their stories. Here are 5 must-read prequels!


5 Killer Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reads Featuring Assassin Heroes

Real-life assassins aren’t the kind of people you would want to be around, but it seems like we can’t...


What Does The Blood Mirror Reveal About Brent Weeks?

Brent Weeks stops by Unbound Worlds to answer questions about The Blood Mirror, his new book published...

Unbound Worlds

Cover Reveal: THE BLOOD MIRROR by Brent Weeks

The Blood Mirror by Brent Weeks is the final volume in his acclaimed Lightbringer series. And here...


Check-In Interview: Todd Lockwood, Brent Weeks, Kevin J. Anderson

In the coming days, I will be updating you with what authors are working on this very day! New book!...


Brent Weeks Interviewed: The Way of Shadows Graphic Novel

The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks is being adapted into a graphic novel! And here is Brent talking about...