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What’s Her Story? Background Characters You’d Love to Know More About

Where is he or she going? What will they do when they get there? What is their perspective on the main...

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No ‘Force Awakens’ Content for Star Wars Battlefront

Bad news for those of you who hoping for Rey, Finn, or Kylo Ren to make an appearance in EA's hit first-person...

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Your Personal Fantasy Canon: Tell Me About The Books That Blew Your Mind?

You may recall my post yesterday in which I wrote about the work that goes into organizing my personal...


The New ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Canon: Scott Lynch

I didn’t read much fantasy when I was a kid, but that all changed when I got my hands on a copy of...

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Check Out The Official ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Trailer!

Disney just released the first official trailer for the upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels and...


Star Wars HoloNet Digest #55: April 23-30, 2014

Unbound Worlds Star Wars contributor Eric Geller brings you a roundup of Star Wars news from April 23-30,...