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Cage Match 2014: Round 2: Arya Stark vs Carrie White: Page

Carrie White escapes to Westeros and encounters a little girl named Arya...

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Beware! Telekinetic Powers In A Coffee Shop!

Movie studios are smart. Or rather, their marketing teams usually are. Make the jump to watch a great...


Poll: What 2013 Movie Are You Most Looking Forward To?

A new movie season has begun, featuring some big budget SFF/horror films that will assuredly draw people...

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Bad Mamas! Five of Cinema’s Worst Moms

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to honor the person who brought you into this world in some special...

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Guest Post: Helen Fitzgerald on ‘The Duplicate’

Helen Fitzgerald is the author of The Duplicate, available now from as an ebook from Snubnose Press:

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Nearly Forty Years Later, Stephen King’s ‘Carrie’ Continues to Terrify

Stephen King’s first published novel, Carrie, almost never made it to print. King and his wife Tabitha...