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7 Quotes From Our Favorite Authors For National Cat Day

Cats and writers have a special relationship, it seems, from the anonymous 8th century Irish monk who...


It’s Science: Fantasy Fan? You’re Probably a Cat Person

Let's be purrfectly clear: If you're a fantasy fan then you're probably a feline fan, too. At least,...


The 6 Indisputably Best Cats from Fantasy Fiction

Settle down right meow with one of the books from this book list containing some of the very best kitties...


St. Brendan And The Big Cats From Hell

What would you think of if you were asked to imagine the Christian afterlife of eternal torment, Hell?...

Unbound Worlds

Investigate Cosmic Horror Kitty Style In ‘The Call of Catthulhu’ RPG

The great pulp horror writer H.P. Lovecraft adored cats, so much so that he worked the creatures in among...

Unbound Worlds

Bast Meets Atticus O’Sullivan in ‘Grimoire of the Lamb’

The Egyptian cat goddess Bast comes looking for trouble in Kevin Hearne's new Iron Druid Chronicles novella,...