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Dark Horse to Publish Chuck Palahniuk’s First Coloring Book Novella

Legacy: An Off-Color Novella for You to Color, will be Palahniuk's first-long form publication since...


Read Chuck Palahniuk's "Salvation": a Story from His Coloring Book, Bait

"Salvation", a complete short story from Chuck Palahniuk's Bait, complete with illustrations by the fabulous...

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Collaborate With Chuck Palahniuk in a Very Adult Coloring Book: See a Preview Here

Dark Horse Books announced today that they'll be publishing "Bait: Stories for You to Color", Palahniuk's...


Interview: Chuck Palahniuk on Tyler Durden, Dead Poets, and ‘Fight Club 2’

We talk with Chuck Palahniuk about what it's like to see Fight Club commodified, and how Tyler Durden...

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4 Freak-Out Worthy Books About Words That Kill

It isn’t a virus or bacteria. It isn’t in the water or air. You can’t catch it from a bite or bodily...

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Chuck Palahniuk Touring to Promote ‘Fight Club 2’ Graphic Novel

Set a decade after the events of Project Mayhem, Fight Club 2 finds the protagonist, now named Sebastian,...