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Interview: Chuck Wendig Darkly Flies with The Raptor & The Wren

Chuck Wendig returns to the world of Miriam Black, and talks to us about his future projects.


Chuck Wendig on Writing, Robots, and Finding Your Crowd

Chuck Wendig is the author of 20 novels and counting. We asked Wendig how he finds time to do it all...


Enter Our May the 4th Star Wars Audiobook Sweepstakes!

It's May the 4th, and we're celebrating by giving away an awesome Star Wars prize pack.


Cage Match 2017 Round 2: Suri vs Miriam Black

Michael J. Sullivan's Suri takes on Chuck Wendig's Miriam Black in Round 2 of Unbound Worlds' Cage Match...


Miriam Black vs Molly Millions

Chuck Wendig's Miriam Black takes on William Gibson's Molly Millions in Round 1 of Unbound Worlds' Cage...


Chuck Wendig On Star Wars, His New Book Thunderbird, And Back Again

Bestselling author Chuck Wendig guest posts about shifting from writing Star Wars to his new book Thunderbird,...