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Unbound Worlds Gateway Series: Jump Into The EU With Shatterpoint

Unbound Worlds's Eric Geller recommends starting your Star Wars Expanded Universe journey with Matthew...

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Unbound Worlds Gateway Series: Jump Into The EU With Republic Commando: Hard Contact

Unbound Worlds's Eric Geller explains why Republic Commando: Hard Contact is a great place to start your...

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15 Minutes of Fiction…with Fictional Frontiers, featuring Sam Witwer

This week we talk with Sam Witwer, who stars as Aiden on Syfy's Being Human. Sam discusses his work...

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Darth Maul Lives

Darth Maul arrives on The Clone Wars this Friday, March 9th. Our Star Wars contributor explores the many...

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The Magic of Star Wars – A Sith Witch and the Nightsisters Take Center Stage

Witches and magic spells in Star Wars? With good and evil mages duking it out for the fate of the...

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New Star Wars: Clone Wars Villain to be Unveiled: Savage Opress!

Lucasfilm ltd. and Cartoon Network are planning a special series of theatrical screenings to introduce...