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Gabe Hudson Interviewed About Gork, the Teenage Dragon

Author Gabe Hudson discusses dragons, growing up, and Gork!

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Jon Snow is a Terrible Dinner Party Guest

Did you see the Tuesday episode of Late Night with Seth Myers? Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington appeared...

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The Dark Side of a Funny Man: Comedian Duncan Trussell on Stephen King

You may know comedian Duncan Trussell for from Nick Swardson's Pretend Time, Mad TV, Curb Your Enthusiasm,...

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Fund a Horror Movie, Get Geeky Movie Prop Replicas

Here's something you don't see everyday: a movie director who is willing to part ways with his prized...

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MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ Might Surprise You

Wondering about MTV's Teen Wolf, but not sure what to make of it? You might be surprised to learn it's...

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Alien Block Party

When a strange alien creature falls from the sky, a group of inner city kids in South London react they...