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Raymond E. Feist on Building a World From Scratch

Riftwar Cycle author Raymond E. Feist was used to writing in a world he'd already built, until it came...


Sylvain Neuvel on How it Feels to Write a Book

Stress, self-doubt, misery. Those might be what you'd expect to feel when writing a book, but Themis...


A Long Time Ago: Martha Wells on How Star Wars Inspired Her Writing

Martha Wells, author of The Murderbot Diaries, shares how her love of Star Wars grew at a young age,...


How Authors Keep Fit While Spending a Career Sitting

Writers spend a lot of time sitting. Read how several authors counter what can be an unhealthy sedentary...


Seanan McGuire on What She Learned From October

Author Seanan McGuire is eleven books into her urban fantasy October Daye series; here are five things...


Bookburners Author Margaret Dunlap on Writing a Serial Box Season

One of the authors of the Bookburners series, Margaret Dunlap, shares tips and tricks for writing a season...