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Beyond Paradox: Daniel Price on Writing Time-Twisting Fiction

Daniel Price, author of the Silvers series and Slick, offers some tips for writing fiction that bends...


It’s Not Just a Game: Karin Tidbeck on How LARP Turned Her Into a Writer

Author Karen Tidbeck shares how LARP influences her writing by helping her with character development...


Nicky Drayden on How South Africa Puts the Science in Science Fiction

Nicky Drayden, debut author of The Prey of Gods, on what makes South Africa such a compelling setting...


What Goes Around, Shoots Back: Tanya Huff on Writing a Series

Author Tanya Huff speaks about the challenges and joys of writing a spin-off series, and how her writing...


Filaments of Fiction: Jason M. Hough on How 'Firefly' Inspired the Dire Earth Cycle

Author Jason M. Hough speaks about how the TV series 'Firefly' was a source of inspiration for his well-known...


Telling Forgotten Stories: Gian Sardar on Tapping Into Past Lives When Writing

Gian Sardar explores her experiences with past life regression in her debut novel You Were Here, and...