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‘Maul: Lockdown’ Author Joe Schreiber On The Dark Undercurrents Of Star Wars

Joe Schreiber is well known to Star Wars fans for his books Death Troopers and Red Harvest, both praised...

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My New Years’ Reading Resolutions. What Are Yours?

Spaceship Earth has just about completed another voyage around the sun, and the time has come once again...

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New This Month from Del Rey Spectra: October 2012

Check out these hot new titles from Del Rey, Spectra, and Lucas Books!


It’s a Big (Expanded) Universe – A Fangirl’s Thoughts on Where to Start

Tricia Barr discusses gateway books for those interested in starting to explore the Star Wars Expanded...

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Darth Maul Lives

Darth Maul arrives on The Clone Wars this Friday, March 9th. Our Star Wars contributor explores the many...


15 Minutes of Fiction…with Fictional Frontiers, featuring James Luceno

This week on 15 Minutes of Fiction…with Fictional Frontiers...enjoy our segment with the author of...