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Reconsidering the Horrific With Volo's Guide to Monsters

I’m a monster guy. Really, I am. Hand me any gaming book and the monster section is where I’m going...


Dungeons & Dragons Inducted Into Toy Hall of Fame

Dungeons & Dragons, the first and oldest fantasy role-playing game in the world, has been inducted into...


Take Five With Matt Forbeck, Author, Dungeonology

Dungeonology is an officially licensed Dungeons & Dragons book in the bestselling line of –Ology books.


Add Another Celebrity D&D Fan to the List: CNN’s Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper's appearance on Stephen Colbert took an unexpected turn into the land of D&D.

Unbound Worlds

Don’t Get Bit! Five Survival Tips For Travelers to Barovia

On March 15, Wizards of the Coast will release Curse of Strahd: an epic new campaign for Dungeons &...

Unbound Worlds

Dungeons & Dragons: Return to Castle Ravenloft With ‘Curse of Strahd!’

Today, Wizards of the Coast announced Curse of Strahd, a new Dungeons & Dragons adventure set in...