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William Gibson: Dividing Fiction Into Dystopian and Utopian Creates a “Pointless Dichotomy”

Dystopian? Utopian? Nonsense, says William Gibson. Read why he thinks that both classifications make...

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Adam Sternbergh: ‘Each Word Should Have the Same Impact as a Landed Punch’

Adam Sternbergh is the author of Near Enemy, a story about Spademan: a hit man for hire plying his trade...

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NYCC 2014: James Dashner On Movie Plot Changes

Whenever books and movies come together, things change. Old characters disappear, or are replaced, and...

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Get Ready for The Dystopian World of Pierce Brown’s ‘Red Rising’

You may not know too much about Pierce Brown's debut novel Red Rising right now, but get ready: You will...

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An Interview with Lissa Price, Author, ‘Starters’

Lissa Price is the author of Starters, a dystopian science fiction tale set in a world where the very...

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Guest Essay: Moira Crone, Author, ‘The Not Yet’

My novel, The Not Yet, is set in 2121. The U.S. has shrunken, become the United Authority. States along...