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Meddling Kids and the Mystery of the Stolen Material

Meddling Kids was conceived as a clash of teen detective fiction and cosmic horror. Author Edgar Cantero...


7 Fantasy Book Adaptations We’d Love to Binge-Watch

With the prospect of more J.R.R. Tolkien adaptations on the horizon, we pick seven of our favorite fantasy...


Meddling Kids Author Edgar Cantero on Scooby Doo, and Cthulhu, Too

We spoke with Edgar Cantero about his novel Meddling Kids: a story that pits one-time kid detectives...


Two Book Tango: Meddling Kids and Monsters Among Us

Ahh, real monsters! This week, our fiction/non-fiction Two Book Tango series looks at Edgar Cantero's...


Meddling Kids Author Edgar Cantero on Writing Without a Blueprint

The Scooby Gang meets Cthulhu is the pitch for Edgar Cantero's new book, Meddling Kids, but that wasn't...