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Interview with the Editor: Victoria Wilson on ‘Interview with the Vampire”s 40th Anniversary

Read our exclusive interview with Anne Rice's editor on the fortieth anniversary of the famous Interview...

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How Editors Juggle Anthologies

As you may have heard here on Unbound Worlds and around the internet(s), I am in the midst of putting...

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Locus Awards, Anne Groell, and You: An Editorial editorial

Now, clearly I’m biased. I started as her assistant, I’m still her colleague, and I’m also her...

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Del Rey and Random House say goodbye to Betsy Mitchell

Today, Del Rey and Random House say farewell to our beloved Del Rey Editor-in-Chief, Betsy Mitchell

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Interview with ‘Alien Contact’ Editor Marty Halpern

I've known Marty Halpern for some years now, beginning when he and I crossed paths through our mutual...

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Interview: Heir to the Empire Editor Betsy Mitchell

The Force is with us—some more than others. Editor Betsy Mitchell is one of them. She is responsible...