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See What Happens When Your Fave Fantasy Writers Play the Pathfinder RPG

See what it's like to sit in on a Pathfinder role-playing game session with some of fantasy's hottest...

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Interview With Elizabeth Bear, Co-Author, ‘Apprentice to Elves’

Elizabeth Bear is the co-author, along with Sarah Monette, of the Iskryne series: a fantasy saga set...


Cage Match 2015 Round 1: Bernice Summerfield vs Aerin Dragon-­Killer

No Time Lords here - Bernice Summerfield and Aerin Dragon-Killer find themselves in a tight spot

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New Release Interview: KAREN MEMORY by Elizabeth Bear

Karen Memory by Elizabeth Bear published today! And here is an interview with Elizabeth talking about...

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The Story Board on Geek & Sundry

Peter V. Brett and Naomi Novik were on the latest episode of Geek & Sundry's The Story Board!

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Boskone 49

If you are in the Boston-area, or happen to be planning a trip to New England this coming weekend, consider...