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Tad Williams Updates His Readers About Empire of Grass

Tad Williams updates his readers on what to expect from Empire of Grass, the sequel to The Witchwood...


Interview: Django Wexler Unleashes The Infernal Battalion

Django Wexler stops by to talk about his new Shadow Campaigns novel, The Infernal Battalion.


Stephen R. Donaldson Interviewed About His Seventh Decimate

Stephen R. Donaldson drops by to discuss Seventh Decimate, the first book in his new fantasy trilogy!


Jeffrey Alan Love Creates The Daughters of the Storm Cover

Artist Jeffrey Alan Love illuminates his art process in producing the cover for Daughters of the Storm...


Weekend Rec: A Plague of Giants by Kevin Hearne

Rarely do we recommend a hardcover for the weekend, but this one is too good!


My 5 Favorite Named Swords From Fantasy Novels

To celebrate the anthology publication of The Book of Swords, edited by Gardner Dozois, here are five...