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Count Neil Gaiman Among Black Leopard, Red Wolf's Fans

Read what Neil Gaiman has to say about Marlon James' brand new fantasy epic – plus, enter to win a...


The End of Shannara Continues in Terry Brooks' The Skaar Invasion

Terry Brooks drives up the stakes in The Skaar Invasion, book two in The Fall of Shannara series.


Deborah A. Wolf Quests Through The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City by Deborah A. Wolf continues the story she started in The Dragon's Legacy


Raymond E. Feist Unleashes A King of Ashes

Epic fantasy legend Raymond E. Feist has published the first book in his new Firemane series: read more...


Interview: Bradley P. Beaulieu Unleashes A Veil of Spears

Bradley P. Beaulieu returns to his Song of Shattered Sands series with A Veil of Spears, out now!


Weekend Rec: With Blood Upon the Sand by Bradley P. Beaulieu

Bradley P. Beaulieu returns to his The Song of Shattered Sands series! A great weekend rec!