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It’s Not a Trap! Admiral Ackbar to Return in ‘The Force Awakens’

Add another original trilogy character to the list of returnees we'll see in Star Wars: Episode VII:...

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Get to Know ‘Star Wars’ Villain Kylo Ren in This Week’s Entertainment Weekly

You've got to hand it to Entertainment Weekly: They've been perhaps the most consistent source of new...

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He-Man, Voltron, and More with Sideshow Collectibles’ Mike Tolentino

One of the biggest criticisms of San Diego Comic Con is that it’s not about the fans anymore; that...

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Hasbro Star Wars Manager Joe Ninivaggi on Episode VII Figures and More

If San Diego Comic Con 2015 was a high school dance, Star Wars would be the prom queen and it would have...

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Here’s the Guy Responsible for Episode VII’s Sputtering Lightsaber

Don't like the sputtering, cross-guarded lightsaber from the Episode VII trailer? Well, blame Sir Jonathan...

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Episode VII’s Oscar Isaac: Your Theories Are Wrong

Are you dying for Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens news? Can you not possibly wait another moment...