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Science-Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 2/14/17

Here's this week's guide to the newest science-fiction and fantasy books, games, movies, comics, and...


50 Page Friday: The Devourers

This week, in celebration of it's upcoming paperback debut, we're thrilled to be reading an excerpt from...


Remembering Fantasy Artist Frank Frazetta

Let's take the occasion of his birthday to celebrate the late artist Frank Frazetta, whose paintings...


6 Middle Eastern Flavored Fantasy and Science-Fiction Novels

Here are six fantasy and science-fiction tales inspired by the Middle East.


6 of Fantasy Fiction’s Most Famous Friendships

This week saw the release of A Conversation in Blood, the fourth in Paul S. Kemp’s Egil & Nix series.


Rowankind Writer Jacey Bedford on Beginning at the Beginning

Finding the perfect opening line can be daunting. Rowankind writer Jacey Bedford shares her favorite...