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Rowenna Miller's Torn is a Very American Examination of Identity

For a fantasy novel so clearly based on the French Revolution, Torn's meditations on race, diaspora,...


So You Want to Read Viking Fantasy Fiction: Here’s Where to Start

Axe-wielding bearded warriors, longboats, Odin and Thor, trolls, berserkers, valkyries, and icy seas:...


The 100 Best Fantasy Novels of All Time

From decades-old classics to recent releases, here are the one hundred best fantasy novels of all time!...


L. Penelope Sings a Song of Blood & Stone

L. Penelope's self-published Song of Blood & Stone found new life at St. Martin's Press. She joined us...


Raymond E. Feist on Building a World From Scratch

Riftwar Cycle author Raymond E. Feist was used to writing in a world he'd already built, until it came...


Ilana C. Myer Takes Us On A Beautiful Fire Dance

Ilana C. Myer wowed fantasy readers with her debut novel, Last Song Before Night – she brings us back...