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Kerrie L. Hughes on Gathering Shadowed Souls with Jim Butcher

Urban fantasy anthology Shadowed Souls was a labor of love for editor Kerrie L. Hughes, especially when...


Laura Bickle on Unevening the Odds

Some fights are pretty one-sided. Otherworldly powers win, hands-down. Except when they don’t, and...


The Parallels Between Shakespeare and George R. R. Martin

Shakespeare’s influence on science fiction and fantasy literature extends to the Westeros world created...


The Arresting Illustrations of 19th Century Fantasy Artist Gustave Doré

Today is the birthday of the great 19th century French artist Gustave Doré, a sculptor and book illustrator.


Why Sophie Sings: Magic(k), Music & Mental Health

Sylvia Izzo Hunter, author of the Noctis Magicae series, discusses the important role that music has...


Barb and J.C. Hendee on Duo Writing and The Dead Seekers

Barb Hendee interviews her writing partner and husband J.C. Hendee about their latest book, The Dead...