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9 Food-Based Fantasy Books to Feast On

Food is magical, from the preparation of it to the feelings it inspires. These food-based fantasy books,...


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All Was Well: On Growing Past Harry Potter

Feliza Casano writes about what the Harry Potter series gave her and why she's grown into new books.


Intrigue and Imagination in Fonda Lee's Jade City

Fonda Lee's Jade City kicks off the new Green Bones saga, billed as The Godfather set in a fantasy Asia.


Winter Is Coming: 25 Snowbound Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books For Cold Nights

Winter is just around the corner – grab a blanket and huddle up with these chilling sci-fi, fantasy,...


Spoken Words and Living Stories: Traci Chee on Literacy in The Speaker

Traci Chee's Sea of Ink and Gold series is set in a world without literacy, but where the spoken word...