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Interview With Ralph Bakshi: ‘Last Days of Coney Island’, ‘Wizards 2’, and More

After getting his start at fifties cartoon studio Terrytown, artist, animator, and director Ralph Bakshi...

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Sci-Fi Film ‘Listening’ Proves That You Really Don’t Want Telepathy

I just watched a powerful and disturbing science-fiction film titled "Listening". It's about a scrappy...


Scream All Night: Six Scary Movies for Halloween

What’s Halloween night without scary movies? Here are six movies listed in no particular order for...

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‘Star Wars’ Origin Films on the Way? What Would You Like to See?

Several days ago Disney executive Jay Rasulo appeared at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Communications...


Development Hell! Five Films You Won’t Be Seeing Anytime Soon

You may have heard of development hell: It’s a limbo that movies sometimes disappear into, normally...

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Lovecraft Documentary “Fear of the Unknown” Now Free to View Online

If you're a regular visitor to our sister site Wordsandfilm.com - and I strongly urge you to become so...