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Scent as Storytelling: Adapting American Gods to Perfume

Perfume can be a novel way to adapt a story. Here, The Dry Down's Helena Fitzgerald reviews Black Phoenix...


Why You Should Be Excited for the Premiere of American Gods

The first season of American Gods is coming to Starz on April 30th, and here are five reasons why you...

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The Medieval Revenant: Restless, Dead, and Out for Revenge

In between all of the Star Wars excitement, you might have seen an ad or two for The Revenant: a period...

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The Damplings, The Gracekeepers, & The Bear: A Q&A with Kirsty Logan

Logan's debut novel is a mix of fairy tale and dystopia, and you could win a copy!

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Monster Dogs of Myth and Legend

It’s National Dog Day, Unbound Worlds readers! Founded in 2004 by Animal Behaviorist and author...

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‘Sea Serpent’ Washes Up On SoCal Beach

It's a truism that many of the fantastic monsters of folklore and mythology are based on real-life creatures....