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Gifts for the Geek | Day 1: George R. R. Martin Special Edition Box

Gifts for the Geek features all-new holiday gift ideas for that geek in your life! Day 1: GRRM Box!


Forbidden Planet NYC Hosts George R.R. Martin Event December 8

Forbidden Planet NYC is hosting a special George R.R. Martin pop-up event on Thursday, December 8, 2016!


Poll: Which A Game of Thrones Character Would Make a Great POTUS?

This U.S. election season has been its own game of thrones. It begs the question: Which Game of Thrones...


Check This Out: The George R. R. Martin Box

Winter is Coming … and so is the George R. R. Martin Box! Find out more about this insane package now...


30-plus Geeky Musts on Page and Screen for Fall ‘16

There are an absurd number of books, movies, and shows to look forward to as we move into fall

Unbound Worlds

‘Duskfall’ Author Christopher Husberg’s Five Favorite Works of Dark Fantasy

Do you have a taste for darkness? Read "Duskfall" author Christopher Husberg's favorite works of dark...