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9 Space Operas to Read While Playing Mass Effect: Andromeda

Space travel can take ages, even in video games. Here's a reading list to get you through the first 20...


Holly Jennings on Pro-Gaming, eSports, and Arena

Arena author Holly Jennings on eSports, the evolution of gaming, and the transition from sci-fi to IRL.


See the Stomach-Churning World of ‘Scorn’: The Game That Would Give H.R. Giger Nightmares

Take a look at "Scorn": a first-person game of combat and exploration set in an oozing, dripping maze...

Unbound Worlds

Prepare to Enter the ‘Punderdome’

Enter the Punderdome: The home game of terrible, wonderful puns.

Unbound Worlds

Newb No More: ‘Warcraft’

Want to see "Warcraft" but don't know much about the game? Let us help you get up to speed!

Unbound Worlds

See Star Wars Creature Designer’s Phil Tippett’s New Augmented Reality Battle Game in Action

Star Wars creature designer's Phil Tippett's new augmented reality game HoloGrid: Monster Battle combines...