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Let’s Be a Little More Welcoming, Fandom: Our Future Depends On It

Geeks, nerds: The pop culture wars are over, and you’ve won. We’ve won. I see it everywhere: The...

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2013: The Year Geeks Took Over Television

As 2013 crawls ever closer to completion, the first handful of "Years' Best" lists are starting to make...

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Eight Geeky Ways to Celebrate Saturnalia!

Today marks the beginning of Saturnalia, an ancient Roman holiday dedicated to the pagan god Saturn

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Eric Smith on ‘The Geek’s Guide to Dating’

I've been happily married for almost two decades now to a woman who doesn't bat an eye when I bring home...


Pets with Geeky Names: Got One?

We love our science fiction and fantasy, and we love our pets. Sometimes we combine these loves when...

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Gifts For the Geek: Day 13: A Song of Ice & Fire Hardcover Set by George R. R. Martin

Lucky Day 13 is here and Geeks For the Gift continues! George R. R. Martin makes it onto the list...