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The One Ring Is Invisible On Amazon

The One Ring is invisible on Amazon. Fortunately, reviews of the ring are not! Make the jump to read...

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Get Your Tickets To The Hobbit Today

Today, I ordered my preciousss! No, not the One Ring. Something far more important to me


Tolkien Re-read Part I: The Hobbit (Chapters 4-5)

If you've been wanting to brush up on Tolkien before The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hits theaters...

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Weta: Own the One Ring!

The Hobbit is beginning to merchandise. And Weta has created several representations of the One Ring!

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Cage Match 2011: Gollum versus Molly Millions

These two could both do with a day in the sun...

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Gifts For the Geek: Day 8

There are some really cool geeky items out there and this is the season I begin thinking, "Wouldn't it...