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Hathorne Hill’s Legacy of Witchcraft, Madness, and Literary Genius

Hathorne Hill: a place that seems to have a unique and troublesome connection with madness and literature.


So You Want to Read Cosmic Horror: Here’s Where to Start

The universe is indifferent. Humanity doesn’t matter. The gods, if they are here at all, don’t care...


5 Short Stories of Shadow Lurkers, Hidden People, and Cave-Dwellers

They’re fairies, mutants, or the survivors of a long-lost civilization. They dwell in the shadows,...


So You Want to Read Lovecraft: Here’s Where to Start

Enjoy a brief introduction to the gothic horror genre with these seven recommended books by H


Interview With Paul La Farge, Author, The Night Ocean

How do you write a Lovecraftian novel without monsters? Making H. P. Lovecraft one of the characters...


Narragansett Beer Launches Lovecraftian Lager ‘The Unnamable’

I’m not much of a drinker, but even I was excited today to hear about The Unnamable Black Lager: a...