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All Was Well: On Growing Past Harry Potter

Feliza Casano writes about what the Harry Potter series gave her and why she's grown into new books.


Honeyed Locusts and Fudge Treacle: 5 Fantasy Cookbooks

Zombies, dragons, wizards: Whatever you’re into, there’s a cookbook for it.


5 Families in Sci-Fi and Fantasy More Screwed Up Than Your Own

There are families in science-fiction and fantasy that are infinitely more screwed up than yours


Poll Friday: What Is Your Favorite SF&F Heptalogy?

A Heptalogy is defined as a seven-book series, like Harry Potter or the Dark Tower. Which of these six...


7 Magical Devices We Could Use For This Election

The 2016 presidential election's already turned into a dark dystopian fantasy, so we might as well have...


The 3 Banned Books That Have Immeasurably Shaped My Life

Why do banned books matter? In the strangest of ways sometimes. Here I examine three moments and three...