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Meddling Kids Author Edgar Cantero on Writing Without a Blueprint

The Scooby Gang meets Cthulhu is the pitch for Edgar Cantero's new book, Meddling Kids, but that wasn't...


Excerpt: The City of Mirrors by Justin Cronin

The Passage Trilogy by Justin Cronin concluded with The City of Mirrors, out today in paperback


So You Want to Read Lovecraft: Here’s Where to Start

Enjoy this brief introduction to the gothic horror genre with seven recommended books by H


So You Want to Read Zombie Fiction: Here’s Where to Start

Here are my recommendations for must-reads, especially if you’re just getting into the genre.


5 Works of Horror by African American Writers

African American voices aren’t well represented in horror literature, but there are plenty of great...


When Your Muses Are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and You Like It

Mark Onspaugh, author of Deadlight Jack, joins Unbound Worlds to discuss his muses, Dr. Jekyll and Mr....