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Nature’s Revenge: Ten Tales of Eco-Horror

Ten tales of Mother Nature turning against humanity - at this point, can you blame her?


Loved A Quiet Place? Here’s What To Read Next

A Quiet Place hits theaters this week – here are ten books that hit the same terrifying beats.


50 Page Friday: Unbury Carol by Josh Malerman

Read the first fifty pages of Unbury Carol, Josh Malerman's new weird western, two weeks early!


21 of the Best Horror Books by Women

Women writing horror don't always get the recognition they deserve, so we've gathered our favorite terrifying...


The Monster Inside Us: Alma Katsu on the Donner Party and The Hunger

What if it wasn't weather and human error that doomed the Donner party? Alma Katsu tells us about the...


So You Want to Read Literary Horror: Here’s Where to Start

More thrills, less pulp: our reader's guide to the literary side of the horror genre.