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7 Magical Devices We Could Use For This Election

The 2016 presidential election's already turned into a dark dystopian fantasy, so we might as well have...


Sam Sykes on the Grand(ish) Tradition of Humor in Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Pathfinder Tales: Shy Knives author Sam Sykes thinks the Grand Tradition of Humor in SF/F is more of...

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Guest Essay: ‘Warlock Holmes’ Author G.S. Denning’s Top Five Funny Fantasy/SF Stories

Like fantasy stories with a little bit of a chuckle to them? Looking for your next book to read? Look...

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So You’re A Vampire – What’s Next?

An excerpt from Count Domenick Dicce's You're A Vampire -- That Sucks! on choosing a familiar.

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“He pretty much just likes waving to people”: Winston Rowntree on Finding Jesus

Need some help Finding Jesus? He may be walking on water, or turning the other cheek. Winston Rowntree...

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‘Dear Luke, We Need To Talk’ Author John Moe On Humor And Hopelessness

What's so funny about The Walking Dead or Jurassic Park? A lot, according to writer and radio journalist...