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Writer David Koepp Attached to ‘Indiana Jones 5’

Last week Disney announced its plans for a fifth Indiana Jones movie for 2019, and now it seems that...

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The Times When Bill Murray Might Have Been Batman… and Indiana Jones

"Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!" Imagine an alternative reality—perhaps...

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Gifts For the Geek | Day 6: Drew Struzan Giclee Prints

Time for a higher priced geeky gift! Drew Struzan is responsible for some of the most iconic movie...

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No, There’s Not Going To Be An Indiana Jones Reboot

The crew at Latino Review broke a story - or rather started a rumor - that everyone's two-fisted archaeologist...

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Star Wars HoloNet Digest #41: December 4-11, 2013

Unbound Worlds Star Wars contributor Eric Geller brings you a roundup of Star Wars news from December...

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Poll: Will You See Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Indiana Jones is back! For a short time, at least. Raiders of the Lost Ark, one of the best movies...