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Christopher Paolini on His New Coloring Book and Latest Projects

Paolini is back with an Eragon coloring book, plus news about a sci-fi novel, and maybe a book set in...


Christopher Paolini On the Leatherbound Eragon

Random House and Christopher Paolini have released the 10th Anniversary Edition of Eragon, a beautiful...

Unbound Worlds

Nine Named or Notable Swords from Fantasy Fiction

Legendary swords are a staple of fantasy fiction. Many of them are magical,  but not all: for some of...


Interview with Christopher Paolini, Author, ‘Inheritance’

Superstar YA author Christopher Paolini is touring to promote the final volume in the Inheritance Cycle,...

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So What is Christopher Paolini Really Like?

Having interviewed probably hundreds of writers and other public figures over the years, one of the questions...