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Gabe Hudson Talks Adolescence and Gork, The Teenage Dragon

We spoke with Hudson about his book and the trials of adolescence at San Diego Comic Con 2017.


Gabe Hudson Interviewed About Gork, the Teenage Dragon

Author Gabe Hudson discusses dragons, growing up, and Gork!


An Interview with The Cityborn Author Edward Willett

Edward Willett's novel The Cityborn is the story of two young people and their flight from the mammoth...


Facebook Live Events Tomorrow With Tad Williams

Tad Williams is taking part in two Facebook Live events tomorrow for The Witchwood Crown! Details here!


Interview: Being Different In Spoonbenders by Daryl Gregory

Author Daryl Gregory talks about Spoonbenders, his new novel, and how the dysfunctionality of families...


Interview with Anne Corlett, Author, The Space Between the Stars

We discuss Jamie Allenby's journey across the void of outer -- and inner -- space with The Space Between...