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Mickey Zucker Reichert on Nightfall and Changing Tastes in Bad Guys

We recently spoke with Reichert about her famous antihero, and how a changing political climate has affected...


Iron Druid Kevin Hearne Has Finished His Series With Scourged

Kevin Hearne joined us to talk about what it was like to end his Iron Druid Chronicles, and what he's...


Mark Lawrence Brings The Blood In Grey Sister

We spoke to Mark Lawrence about Grey Sister, his sequel to Red Sister!


Chandler Klang Smith on Her Genre Defying Novel The Sky is Yours

Chandler Klang Smith is the author of The Sky is Yours, a weird and wonderful new novel about a self-centered...


Elizabeth Moon Goes Into the Fire

Bestselling sci-fi author Elizabeth Moon returns to the life and times of Ky Vatta in Into the Fire!


Interview: Bradley P. Beaulieu Unleashes A Veil of Spears

Bradley P. Beaulieu returns to his Song of Shattered Sands series with A Veil of Spears, out now!