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Deborah A. Wolf Quests Through The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City by Deborah A. Wolf continues the story she started in The Dragon's Legacy


Sarah Beth Durst Is A Fantasy Queen With The Queen of Sorrow

Sarah Beth Durst discusses The Queen of Sorrow, her trilogy's conclusion, where queens protect humanity...


Interview: Emily Devenport on Her New Novel Medusa Uploaded

Medusa Uploaded is the story of Oichi, a woman transformed via genetic modifications and surgery into...


Ilana C. Myer Takes Us On A Beautiful Fire Dance

Ilana C. Myer wowed fantasy readers with her debut novel, Last Song Before Night – she brings us back...


Raymond E. Feist Unleashes A King of Ashes

Epic fantasy legend Raymond E. Feist has published the first book in his new Firemane series: read more...


Sylvain Neuvel Is Only Human, Concludes The Themis Files

Giant robots in science fiction are cool – but it’s the human story that matters.