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Blood in the Water! 4 Consuming Beach Reads Featuring Sharks

Keep your eyes peeled for dorsal fins: Here are four novels featuring very hungry sharks.

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‘Honest Trailers’ Torpedoes Steven Spielberg’s Classic ‘Jaws’

It's "Jaws": the world's greatest b-movie! Or at least that's what the Honest Trailer team says


‘Jaws’ Returns to Movie Theaters This Week

Seeing “Jaws” in its first theatrical run was a very important moment in my life. It terrified me,...


‘Jaws: Memories From Martha’s Vineyard’ Returns to Shark Week’s Great Granddaddy (Part 2)

Read part one of my piece on Jaws and Shark Week here. As much as I love Jaws (If there’s a movie...

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‘Jaws: Memories from Martha’s Vineyard’ Returns to Shark Week’s Great Granddaddy (Part 1)

In a recent post here at Unbound Worlds, my colleague Shawn Speakman asked our readers to share their...

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15 Minutes of Fiction…with Fictional Frontiers, featuring Matt Taylor

This week on 15 Minutes of Fiction...with Fictional Frontiers: we speak with Matt Taylor, who discusses...